• 1 Had a phone stolen?
    Dont be a victim, backup with Anwane NOW!
  • 4 Forgot your phone?
    Anwane has you covered, access your data online
  • 3 Lost a Phone?
    Anwane restores data to your new phone within minutes
  • 2Phone battery dead?
    View and edit with Anwane online anytime, anywhere

Anwane is a simple yet revolutionary mobile phone backup and restore service.

Wirelessly backup and synchronize your contacts, calendar and more to a safe and secure online portal. Yes, No cables, No hassles!

Backup in less than 5 minutes!
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View and edit all your backed up mobile phone data from our easy online portal anytime you need to.

Go one step further, upload your photos & videos and share them with friends and family worldwide.
All you need is an internet connection.

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Simply contact us to setup your new phone and restore all your data to it within minutes.

Not yet replaced your phone? Login to your account and retrieve the info you need instantly online 24/7. Easy!

One touch Backup & Restore...
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